How a Home Exchange Works

More than just a nice idea, the concept of the home exchange is sweeping the world! Now individuals, couples and families are getting in on the trend and seeing the world through local eyes - by staying in the homes of locals!

Enjoy their homes and take advantage of their local knowledge! The best cafes, the best restaurants, the best sights and attractions - a home exchange offers you all the knowledge only the locals have!

How YourHomeForMine works

There's no better way to get to know a place!

So what is a home exchange?

No, it's not rocket science and it is fairly self-explanatory. A home exchange refers to two parties coming together in mutual agreement to swap houses for an agreed period of time.

The benefits of a home exchange

A home exchange opportunity presents participants with a fabulous alternative to traditional vacationing with an equally fabulous range of benefits!

Here's a summary of the benefits you can enjoy when you embark on a home exchange adventure:

Free accommodation: Hotel accommodation can be expensive, but a home exchange eliminates accommodation costs altogether which means more spending money!

Convenience of home-based facilities: A home exchange provides you with the convenience of home-based facilities including kitchens, laundries, lounges - even swimming pools and tennis courts in some cases!

Exclusive use of cars and boats: Depending on which home you choose for your home exchange, you may also have exclusive use of cars and boats - free! It's all a part of the deal!

Opportunity to build life-long friendships: A home exchange and the shared experiences they create provide you with great opportunity to build friendships with people all over the world

Opportunity to really live like a local: Don't just stay at a destination - experience it! As a home exchange adventurer you really get to know a place just like a local by living as a local in a local's house! You'll also benefit from the local knowledge from the owners of the home you stay in! You'll know what restaurants, attractions and sights to check out!

How do I organize a home exchange?

Thanks to, organizing a home exchange has never been easier! That's because right here you can do everything you need to do to make your home exchange happen.

At, there's just three simple steps to follow to turn your home exchange dream into a reality! The three steps are:

1. Register your home: Simply fill out our easy online form and submit!

2. Search for a match: Check out the opportunities that suit your requirements!

3. Negotiate a home exchange: Find the right house at the right location and make it happen!

It's quick, it's easy and it's fun! Don't wait a minute longer to make your home exchange adventure happen! Join now!

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