Keys To A Successful Home Exchange

As with just about anything, there are definitely a range of things you can do to ensure your home swap experiences are a success.

To make the process of home swapping so much simpler, we have compiled some useful 'Keys to Success' tips for you to follow. Here they are:

Be honest when creating your home listing: You may own an apartment, a townhouse or a free standing house - either way, ensure you are completely honest when creating your home listing and describing the area. Being honest with your listing ensures your guests aren't disappointed. Be sure to include photographs in your listing as well.

Research your prospective home swap partners: This is easy! Simply request your potential home swap partner to provide references. These may be reviews from previous home exchange partners and/or character references from people who know the prospective partners. This allows you to determine if the prospective home exchange partners are suited to you.

Ensure your home is clean and tidy: We all love clean and tidy spaces, and the same applies to guests staying in your home. Ensure your home is clean and tidy so your guests will feel as happy and as comfortable as possible.

Make room in closets and cupboards for your guests to store their things: It's always great to be able to unpack and put our belongings away when we arrive at our vacation destination. By making room in the closets and cupboards, your guests will be able to store their things out of the way.

Provide guests with appliance instructions: There's nothing worse than not knowing how to use a washing machine or alarm system. This is why it's always advisable to leave instructions for your guests.

Provide guests with instructions on where to find things: By leaving instructions for your guests, they won't go into a mad panic trying to find that essential item or appliance that they need right away.

Leave emergency contact details: Be sure to leave your guests all of the emergency contact details that they may need if an urgent event arises.

Leave food and drink in the fridge and pantry: It's always nice to have something ready to eat or drink after a long day and/or night of travel. Be sure to leave food and drink for your guests.

Take care of the insurance considerations for your car: If you are including a car swap with your home, be sure to talk to your insurer to ensure your guests are covered as well.

Adopt a breakage replacement policy for anything that is damaged: It's a fact of life that things break, so be sure to agree with your guests on a breakage replacement policy.

Think of your guests and they will think of you: This applies to every aspect of the home swapexperience. Think of your guests and they will think of you too!

So there you have it! Follow these tips and you will have a happy and enjoyable home swapexperience that is memorable for all the right reasons!

Happy home exchanging!

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