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Antwerpen (VLG), Belgium Beds 2 |  Bath 1 |  ID: 2570

Our appartement is built in 1967. The most important parts were restored in 1999. It has two sleeping rooms and one office room equipped with PC and wireless 20Mb broadband connection. Th... [more]


Limburg (VLG), Belgium Beds 3 |  Bath 1 |  ID: 1752

Garden estate family home with spacious garden and comfortable recently renovated interior forms a perfect base for exploring the heart of Flanders, Belgium and Europe ! We have three bed... [more]


Oost-Vlaanderen (VLG), Belgium Beds 3 |  Bath 1 |  ID: 605

Large home and garden with fruits and vegetables. It is private  [more]


Limburg (VLG), Belgium Beds 4 |  Bath 2 |  ID: 2200

Our home is a nice family home with lots of books, playstuff and instruments. It's 220 sqm. and with its high ceilings it feels very spacious. We love to welcome guests. Our house is situ... [more]


Oost-Vlaanderen (VLG), Belgium Beds 3 |  Bath 2 |  ID: 5812

The Casella family would like to invite you to our 'warm and friendly casa' located in a vibrant, artsy and historical location in Belgium, with plenty to do and see in the city of Gent. ... [more]

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